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Strategic Sleeping

What does sleep have to do with success? Find out in this two minute video, then plan a working nap.




When the decision is critical or the creative juices are dry, the best thing to do might be to … sleep. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Cypress, TX.
Your mind is incredible, and works to solve problems, create ideas and help you both consciously, and unconsciously. I don’t have time to lay out the research here, but check it out for yourself. The bottom line is that “sleeping on it” is sometimes a really good idea.
The all-nighter is overrated and usually not the best choice to produce quality decisions and creative results. Your body needs, and uses, sleep.
It’s not just about being rested, which is important, but also about distancing yourself from urgency.
There are times and situations that demand fast decisions and deadlines that just won’t budge. But if it isn’t truly urgent, or if your work is part of a longer process, sleep should be utilized.  Not only to achieve critical rest, but also to allow your whole mind to work the problem.
Practice helps us improve. But practice plus sleep allows your mind to fully install the software. It’s been scientifically proven that after investing intentional effort to develop skills, you actually get better while sleeping.
Outline a question, or creative idea, before you sleep. Set it up and let it rest. Keep a notepad by the side of your bed, and expect to awake with ideas. It’s critical that you capture them because what seems obvious at a moment of epiphany can quickly become a fuzzy generalization, or even … “what was that again?”
Use sleep strategically. You just might awake to find your decisive or creative, conscious cake has baked, unconsciously, overnight. Until next week, sleep on it, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.




  • Kurtz Tak says:

    We know as jugglers or musicians … that when we take a break and come back to it, what was a stone wall we couldn’t get past … has melted away.
    Until next time stay off balance on …zzzzzzzz

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