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Stretch Effect

Are you tense, sore, or simply “stuck?” It might be time to stretch. This week’s video will help you increase your flexibility and improve how you feel and think!



How you move affects how you think and feel. So stretch! We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Orlando.
I get asked a lot how I stay in shape for my highly physical keynotes. And, it’s not as though I do any one big thing, but I do a lot of little things. I’m hyper conscious of how I move, active and attentive to how I feel. And one of the most important elements, especially as I get older, is stretching.
Stretching your body can help stretch your mind. When you are physically “loose,” you are less tense and restricted. Expanding your range of motion, even slightly, can have a big effect on how you feel, move and sleep.
Fitness isn’t something I do. It’s something I decided many years ago I simply am. I’m fit. I’m flexible. And so I act accordingly. When I feel tight or sore, I do something, usually self-massage, exercise and stretching to release tension. Some people think, if I’m tight, tense or sore, that I need to move less. I move more. And with the caveat that you should be careful and attentive to your limitations, here are five keys to stretch smart.
1. Go slow. You can only begin where you are, and you can’t rush flexibility. The key is daily practice.
2. No pain. Stretching until you feel it, but not until it hurts. You should not get sore from stretching.
3. Use your breath. Once you’re in a good stretch. Take a deep breath and release it, as you relax just a bit further. Hold 10 to 30 seconds.
4. Experiment. Mix it up, adding stretches you learn to those you create. Listen to your body and how it wants to move.
5. Incorporate. You can get great results in just a few weeks, but only if you stretch daily.
So incorporate stretching into your routine and lifestyle. You can stretch nearly anywhere, in the flow of what you’re already doing. In public, you can be discreet, or less preoccupied with what others think, and more focused on how you feel. Just breathe, stretch, and repeat, until it’s just a part of who you are. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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