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      Teach to Learn

      Want to learn more and get better faster? Become a better teacher. Teaching what you know accelerates growth and improvement. This week’s video explains how and offers insights for your next teaching opportunity.




      I’m in Orlando where 150 accomplished speakers, many of us competitors, are sharing our knowledge and success secrets. Why would we do that? Well, it honors and uplifts our profession while building network and community. And really, teaching isn’t just about giving to others. It’s also a fantastic way to learn.
      Living is learning, and resistance to learning is the beginning of atrophy or demise. Don’t want that! So, how do we remain in “beginner mode,” especially as we get older, busier, and more accomplished? One great strategy is to teach to learn.
      Continuous improvement isn’t just about being the student. It’s about teaching what you know so far. The curious teacher is in a unique position to learn the most because the act and art of teaching requires more than knowledge and ability. You must apply language, structure, and method to what you know, or understand, so that it’s transferable to others.
      Teaching will cause you to question what you know or do. Is what you believe really true? What are you missing? And does it work?
      Teaching may require you to learn more than you ever have, going deeper into research and practice. Plus, you need to create engagement through passion, encouragement, and creativity.
      I can hear you thinking. Dan, I don’t have anything special to teach. Well, I don’t buy it. You know a lot, and your insights, observations, and what comes easy for you may be someone else’s missing puzzle piece. So, what are you passionate about? What is the greatest need among those you know? And what useful contribution can you provide?
      Growth and improvement can be a worthy, self-serving goal. But when growth isn’t just about you, but helping others, your transformation will happen faster and bring you more fulfillment. So this year, become a better teacher and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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