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The Long View

Is your view of the short term limiting future possibilities? This week’s video will help you transform negative anxiety into compelling aspirations by claiming a positive, long view perspective.



Are you feeling anxious about the immediate or short term future? Maybe you need a perspective shift. We’re in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, enjoying the long view.

It’s easy to fall into the traps of our times: today’s worries; incessant news cycles; immediate and portending chaos. Your short term view skews negative and pessimistic. At such times, we can fixate on what’s just in front of us and adopt the mindset of day-to-day survival.

To break this cycle, I’d suggest more distant viewing. Acknowledge your situation, then create mental space and time as you look toward a hopeful future. Understand life moves in patterns and toward improvement.

And while we’re facing some tough times now, and likely more in the short term, your vision doesn’t have to stop there.

At a distance you can’t discern details but gain perspective and appreciation of the beautiful, big picture. You can move from feeling anxious to aspiring. The future compels you forward and promises new circumstances and opportunities. It takes time and work to get there, but is inevitable. These times will resolve and lose significance.

With a long view, you can ask, “Where am I going? What am I seeking? How do I want to be known or remembered?” These kinds of questions remind us we’re not just living or surviving, but evolving, learning, and becoming.

If you obsess about today’s challenges and impending fears, you’ll live an anxious experience. Instead, aspire toward personal and spiritual growth, greater contribution, meaningful relationships, and better health. This will change the way you feel about today’s difficulties while keeping you Off Balance On Purpose.

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