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The Meaning of Life

Is it hard to find meaning in the life you’re living or the circumstances you’re currently immersed in? This week’s video will offer some useful insights and perspectives on the meaning of life.



As we do each Tuesday, let’s dive into a super practical, concise idea to help you live and lead a bit little better. Today’s topic: The Meaning of life.
The meaning of life may seem an overly ambitions idea to tackle in two minutes, but I’m up for the challenge. And besides, my goal is not to provide you the answer, but to encourage that you never stop asking the question or conclude for any reason, that life is meaningless, without point, hope and purpose. Now that’s just ridiculous.
The fact that you’re on a planet, hurdling through space, alive and able to think, laugh, and create is simply beyond remarkable. You get one chance to experience this ride. To try things. Learn things. Make things. And say things to other people who are alive at the same time you are. How cool is that?
So as you seek meaning in the nature of existence, find meaning by existing to the fullest. Say what you’re meaning. Bring meaning to what you do by doing it really well. And discover meaning along the way, whether you’re meaning to go there or not.
Look, there are moments and events in life that will shock you, sadden you, and seem completely without meaning. At those times, or perhaps these times, realize you bring meaning by not giving up, or obsessing about yourself. Help others. Be generous with your attention, time, and resources, and tell those you love how much they mean to you.  I’ll see you next week because you mean something to me. Until then, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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