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The Next Stage

Breaking through to the next stage of your success can be difficult and downright frightening. In this week’s video, I visit New York City, speak with a Broadway star, and explore what it takes to build the necessary confidence to undertake and achieve what was previously beyond your reach.

This video contains excerpts from my interview with Dariush Kashani, who currently stars in the hit Broadway musical, The Band’s Visit.

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It’s an honor to serve you and help encourage your success. Keep leaning forward!

  • Diana says:

    Great interview.

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Absolutely !
    The parallels are there.
    I have crossed professions several times in my life and
    always been able to draw from the prior work…in ways
    only my experiences could have done.

  • Barb Bleiler says:

    I really love the comment Dariush made about the static. I think that sometimes we pay more attention to the status during our journey versus ignoring it and moving past it.
    Love this one!

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