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Times Three

Your influence is far greater than you probably realize. This week’s video delivers an action plan to help you own and multiply your positive impact. Dan also offers free personal coaching to three people.



It’s one thing to talk about the the power of your influence. But what if we could multiply it? This week, we’re Off Balance On Purpose, times three.
Today I’m going to give you a simple assignment which, I promise, will multiply the positive impact you make upon others. And also, in about a minute, I’ll share an opportunity to receive complementary personal coaching sessions with me.
But first, let’s make it clear. Your influence is far greater than you know. And necessary, because everyone benefits from validation. Your words, expectations, questions, attention,  and very presence have the power to alter the course of someone’s life. You can increase self esteem and determination, spark insights, and lessen the pain of low moments.  Or not. Careless use of your influence, or denial of its existence, can cause discouragement, self doubt, and the abandonment of someone’s dreams.
Here’s the assignment. Reach out to three people you don’t normally talk to, strictly for the secret purpose of providing positive influence. These could be old friends, family members, or even people you barely know. Bring genuine interest, ask thoughtful questions, be encouraging, and trust your intuition to say something helpful, asking nothing in return.
And then, here’s where it gets interesting. When talking with each person, find a reason to speak again. And then again, for a total of three intentional conversations. Each time, bring your presence, positivity and desire to uplift. And these visits can be any form or duration that fits your schedule and feels right to you.
To walk my talk, I am giving away three personal coaching sessions to three people. And if you’re interested, just go out to the coaching page on my website, fill out the short questionnaire, I’ll select three people, and we’ll get started right away. But like anything in life, you need to take action to make it happen.
Encouraging one person even once feels fantastic. But follow through with three people times three conversations, for a total of nine intentional interactions, and you’ll begin to see how quickly your influence multiplies with repetition. And you might begin to wonder what would happen times five, times ten, or times every encounter in the course of your life. It doesn’t take a lot to give a lot. And you always get more in return. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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