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      Truth Triggers

      Improvement begins with self honesty and the pursuit of truth. So what happens when you find it? This week’s video will shed light on your personal “Truth Triggers,” and the obligations of understanding.



      In a world of confusion, falsehoods, and denial, let’s talk about Truth Triggers.
      Self-awareness and self honesty are lifelong journeys. As you become more truthful, you’ll tolerate less self-deceit and manipulation. When you know what you value and believe and accept otherwise, well, that’s on you.
      In search of truth, you seek knowledge over noise. You look outside and within. And if that wasn’t tricky enough, when you recognize truth, you become obligated to act.
      Truth triggers a response. When what you say you want shows up as an opportunity, you should accept it if you can, or reveal you’ve been untruthful. When you discover you’ve been deceived, you must confront, not only the truth, but also, directly or indirectly, the deception.  When you see something beautiful or admirable, you should say, “that’s beautiful.” Or, “I admire your work.” And when you see something wrong or awful, you should say so, or at least refuse to lie.
      Truth triggers an awareness of your faults, triggering short term correction and long term improvement. Or, it triggers self criticism or denial – an escape attempt to outrun your own understanding.
      So what are your truth triggers? What are you pretending not to know? And when you encounter what’s undeniable, what will it trigger in you? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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