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Uniquely You

When navigating uncertainty, it’s easy to feel unequipped or that you are “less than” what is needed. This week’s video will reveal how your uniqueness can provide more confidence, joy, and direction. Come along for the ride, and rediscover the essence of “YOU.”

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Are you enjoying and using the greatest gift you possess? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose on a unique path.
You are one of a kind. An absolute original. While there are many who share some of your qualities, and some who share many of them, there is no one who is exactly you.

Do you know and value your uniqueness, your passions, your quirks and contradictions? When do you feel most alive, expressing the essence of who you are  – fullness of mind, body, and spirit?

I love fitness, solitude and inspiration. And I love to uplift and encourage others. So here I am, at daybreak, about to head into the woods – not on a bike, but on a mountain unicycle.

This physical challenge connects me to my past, yet keeps me in the moment. The woods fill my spirit.  I ride while meditating on ideas, listening to the sounds of nature, or to my favorite music or authors.   And this combination of choices gives me great joy knowing at this moment, I am uniquely me.

When do you feel your most true and inspired self?  When are you certain that you are on your personal path, expressing your truth, or contributing to the world what only YOU can give?

If you don’t have those answers, then sit with these questions. When are your mind, body, and spirit in alignment? When do you know that you’re doing what you love and are meant to do?  Lean into those moments, and seek to create more of them.

It’s wonderful to experience individuality when alone, but the real goal is to share it! Strive to bring ALL of you to all  you do, and know that you’re extraordinary. Until next week, be uniquely you, and stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Love, love, love – thanks so much for this message, especially since today is my birthday as it’s truly a gift – and one I plan to share with my network later today.

    Thanks for all you do and know you are sincerely appreciated!

  • Neil Young says:

    Dan, your always a great motivator, It’s a message we can all use in these tough times to get through it all… Everything we do now is more work than before. We have to be on our daily game plan… thank you neil

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