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Watch Your Wait

You know what you want and what you need to do. You’re just waiting for the right moment.  Check out this quick video to know when the moment is “right.”




You know what you want and what you need to do, but you’re just waiting for the right moment. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, in Fishkill, New York.

Timing is important, in music, in sport, and in life. Especially when you’re making a big move, taking a risk, or dealing with something difficult.  It feels like you have one chance to get it right, and so you wait.

But the way you hone your timing, just how any musician, or athlete, hones theirs, is by jumping in and taking a shot. Those with the most repetitions, attempts, and near misses, have the most skill, experience, and awareness. Their timing becomes excellent because of their biased toward action and learning.  Consider that your wait isn’t protecting you, it’s stopping you. You don’t need to start perfect, because nobody ever does. But you need to stop waiting and simply start.  Maybe you realize looking back that you missed the perfect moment and you’re waiting for it to come back around. To invest, or pay a debt. To apologize. To forgive. To tell someone what you really think. To get honest with yourself and live your personal truth. To live differently.  To love deeply and to be more bold.

Your present moment is your only perfect moment to take the first step, or the next. So if it’s on your mind and in your heart, you probably need to act. Be thoughtful, tactful, and careful. But be truthful. And when the wait is over, some day becomes today. And tomorrow will be filled with new possibilities that would otherwise not exist.

So stop waiting. It’s your move. Initiate the change you see and feel. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


  • Paul Gill says:

    Great Video. I saw you in Dallas with Ambit Energy.
    I spent a great deal of time in Fishkill. I live in the Bronx.
    Thank you,
    God Bless,
    Paul Gill

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Fishkill is a super cool little down. Spent the night there as my son and I were “road tripping” up to Boston. He was moving in to a new apartment, and we drove a rental truck up from Georgia. So this video was an early morning snapshot of a whirlwind visit (my specialty), but I’d love to get back there again!

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