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Weathering the Storm

Welcome to 2009

And the new version of the This year, we have many exciting new resources in the pipeline for subscribers, so stay tuned. I look forward to your feedback on the new (and developing)

The year of “Off Balance”

As you are already well aware, 2009 is going to be a wild ride! We are living in historic times: A precarious and battle scarred economy, world wide attention on our new President and the actions of Congress, thousands of jobs lost on a daily basis.

We’ve never been more Off Balanchat are you going to do about it?

As we stand at the crest of 2009, ready to ski, sled, crawl, or tumble headfirst into uncertainty, what are your expectations for this year? For most of my clients and the people I know, the answers to that question are “measured,” at best, including:

“In this economy, we’re just struggling to stay alive.”

“2009 is going to be awful. We’re already focused on 2010.”

“We’re not going to participate in the recession.”

I work with a diverse list of clients, in many different industries, both Private and Public sector. Most are experiencing some degree of downturn, ranging from unexpected bumps to total devastation.

Some sectors are thriving. But even those who remain successful are experiencing a “wake up” by association. We all gasp at the events and news reports of job losses, plummeting portfolios, schemes, and scandals and wonder “What’s next?”

Perfect Storm of Uncertainty. You are here.

The Perfect Storm of Uncertainty. You are here.

The “perfect storm” of uncertainty – economic, geopolitical, and personal issues taken together – leave
us all unquestionably “off balance.” But are you “Off Balance On Purpose?” Do you feel emboldened by the changes, or are you shaken to the core?

We can’t remain spectators. The world has enough singers in the “Hallelujah Victims’ Choir.”

The truth is, you can’t control or even predict the waves that threaten you. But you can steer the boat. Your boat.

To regain a sense of control, focus with greater conviction on the positive aspects which you can manage and improve. I believe that this year is a sensational opportunity to go back to basics and strengthen the fundamentals that contribute to your long term success.


To weather the uncertainty that lies ahead and make the best use of time and resources, I propose that you and I make this the year to return to (or reinforce) the fundamentals of success.

Every day, you lay the groundwork for your unfolding success story. What you choose to do now, at this moment, will determine how you handle adversity, and how you are positioned when new opportunities materialize down the road.

It’s not about the weather. It’s about the whether – Whether or not you are willing to take action.

Into Action

Make 2009 your year to:

  1. What are you doing every day to sharpen your ax, improve yourself (Exercise is free), or create a new opportunity? I don’t mean a once in a while effort, or a heroic, desperate,  “Hail Mary Pass” approach to change. What do you do every day to prepare for the opportunities that await you?
  2. Build Relationships – With so many people in need of help, support, and friendship, this is an important time to focus on helping others. Make it part of your purpose to care for those in need, and you’ll benefit immediately (from the joy and fulfillment), and for years to come (due to the lasting relationships you’ll foster).
  3. Embrace Sound Business Practices – Now is the time to get back to basics, with regard to your finances. Make value based decisions. Conserve costs where you can. Leverage your resources, and make the most use of what you have.
  4. Go to School – During this year, learn something new. Become a beginner again. This is an important time to remain humble and become more skilled or more knowledgeable in your chosen field.

As the year unfolds, I can guarantee there will be new opportunities, as well as unexpected challenges.

OBOP LogoThat’s life! The question is, will you be ready to capitalize on the opportunities? Will you be prepared to handle the challenges?

The answer to those questions depends upon your approach to fundamentals.

Let’s get to work.

Your partner in action,


  • Dan, Good points. People don’t ask me how the market is or how my business is, instead they say “So the market is awful, huh?” or “I hope you are surviving these terrible times.” I have to tell them that in 2008, I had my best year ever and I am already off to a good start for 2009 and that I see some many great buying opportunities out there!


    Dear Dan,

    Thanks for the message I hope we can all weather these tough times and come out better people on the other side of the storm.

    Bryan Anderson

  • Kelly Turner says:

    Dear Dan,

    You truly inspire me. I saw you last year at a conference for my work, and with all your action letters month to month, you continue to inspire me to be the best that I can be. Thank you so much for
    everything you do and I hope to see you in action again!

    Kelly Turner Thorne

  • Ann B says:

    That was really good sound advice in your newsletter because there is
    a storm out there and we could all get caught up in it, or choose to
    take an active positive stance and I am choosing that. I have joined
    a new church and getting really active in it meeting new people and
    it has and is helping me tremendously. I love your newsletters –
    keep them coming.

  • Lisa Lewis says:

    Once again you administer the perfect “shot in the arm” of inspiration. I am passing your good advice along to my peers here at SunTrust. I strive to move forward – as off balance as I may be – eyes open and watching for opportunities… Thanks again for positive and energentic messages.

  • Evy Hayes says:

    You ROCK Dan! I meet with my fellow business partners every week… and last week my words to them were alot of what you’ve outlined in your “Into Action” segment. Thank you for your optimistic, “hold yourself accountable” kind of motivation, that’s what I’m all about too! Thank You! Hope to see you again!

  • Thanks Dan,
    You reiterate the journey I am on. Getting back to the core of our business, me and my partner. Working together to be the best we can.
    I appreciate your words.

  • Teresa Livingston says:

    Dear Dan,
    Thanks again for inspiration! Our state had huge buget cuts and layoffs…I was one of them. I am at peace…I have gone back to school, volunteer for at risk youth and regrouping for the future…I look up everyday, and He has provided financially during this time of renewal in my life! I will not be a casualty in this STORM!

  • chris young says:

    there’s no better time than an economic slowdown to work on your resume’. You know, like when you’re not so busy making a living that you don’t make time to have a life.
    Two cliches’ come to mind-
    – what’s left after a crisis is our behavior during the crisis
    – our life is more than our work, and our work is more than our job.

    There is so much to do and be done, a ‘slowdown’ in one sector of your life is an opportunity to put more time into another.

  • When everything is going good, sometimes complacency can set in. Well, there is nothing better then a good ‘ole economic shakeup to get our butts in gear. Dan, thanks for giving all of us not only a kick in the butt (jumpstart), but a kick in the right direction with credible advice that we can all utilize immediately. I look forward to more kicks-in-the-butt action ideas from you.

  • Hi Dan,
    I agree, your points are very good. I like the expression, “God is in the details” because in hard times, it is often the details that open new opportunities. Example: I have a client who now sells gasoline and grocery rebate promotions -who doesn’t want a rebate on gas and groceries during a financial crunch?
    In addition to your points, I would add getting clarity on what you really, really want, then take aim, and handle the details that spell success or failure.
    And by the way, Dan, don’t you owe me a call??
    All the best…

  • Jim Guthrie says:

    Dan: Great points! While many are drowning in doom and gloom, I see this as an opportunity of a lifetime! Well, maybe the second this decade! People need guidance and those of us who step up with a sensible plan will win new business! Those that don’t will be out of business!
    Jim Guthrie

  • Wanda Kiser says:

    Dan, Thank you for your gift of exhortation!
    During these times of extreme uncertainty, there is an urgency to hone dormant abilities, and tap into the creative energies that pervade us. I believe the power for greatness lies within us all, and it is that power that will steer our families, our community, and our nation towards stability. We’re all being called to step up, take our places, and do more than we would normally do. After speaking with many of my friends and associates, I have come to understand that fear grasps the hearts and minds of many, and it blocks them from taking steps towards exploring those things that they have a desire to accomplish. To them and others like them, I say, push through the fear. For on the other side of fear, you may discover your bliss and the joy of sweet success. This is the time to maximize potential, become the best you, and live your best life. Surge forward and enjoy the journey!

  • I truly believe that these are the times where we have a chance to define ourselves. Not in the good times when money is flowing and every time the phone rings it’s another contract. This is when we can put a stake in the ground and say, “This is who I am when I am put to the test”. I honor the opportunity to thrive in this environment. I wouldn’t want to die not having been tested.

    Thanks for the poignant words, Dan.

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