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What Propels You?

Standing atop a fifteen-foot water jet, I am quickly learning how to “fly,” feeling like Iron Man as I hover and steer my body over the placid water. In an instant, the propulsion increases, and I shoot up another ten feet. Looking out at surrounding woods, I am now eye level to the tree tops, wearing a perpetual smile. What an enormous thrill, as well as a challenge!

Welcome to Flyboarding.

My wife, Shay, and I enjoy giving each other birthday experiences, instead of gifts. This year, she surprised me with a certificate to sample the latest rage in extreme water sports called “flyboarding.”  Watch the video, and you’ll instantly understand the name.

The morning my son and I spent on Lake Lanier got me to thinking about “propulsion.” As the force of the water rocketed me skyward, it felt amazing, powerful and (truthfully) a little frightening. Likewise, experiencing disruption in life, even if it is a positive change, can leave us all a little breathless.

Whether you are looking to launch your life skyward or simply capture a “boost” of energy to get you through the week, here are some mighty sources to tap more of your infinite potential.

Purpose: Make it your mission to discover and live a purposeful life! A life infused with meaning is self-propelled. When you commit to a mission, you will engage an unstoppable force within you. You will also attract opportunities and like-minded collaborators to fulfill your life’s work. Start small, by helping one person. Then, let your hunger for purpose grow along with your capabilities.

Better Health: You deserve abundant physical and mental health. If you don’t feel you have that in your life, you are unnecessarily restricting your thrust – your source of power to perform. Begin to make changes to give yourself this awesome gift. When you are healthy, you will be more energetic and more capable of reaching new levels of success and contribution. Eat well. Exercise. Rest. Recover. Breathe deeply. Take the steps today that will bring you a healthier tomorrow.

Learning: Many are driven by a quest for learning. This is a fantastic source of propulsion, as it is completely inexhaustible. You will never run out of fuel, as there will always be more to understand and master. Become a beginner again and feel the amazing boost of power that will drive you farther and higher than you’ve ever been!

Innovation: Apply your learning and experience on a quest to develop something new – a new idea, approach, application, invention, product, or business! When you seek to innovate, you engage the forces of creativity that will certainly propel you with purpose.

Financial Gain: Pursuit of profit or financial success can be a powerful and purposeful source of propulsion. Let’s face it, money is one of the primary fuels that enable us to accomplish our goals, live our dreams, and make a meaningful difference in the world. Don’t discount or diminish this reality – embrace it!

Wishing you new heights and thrills in all your life endeavors!


  • John Roop says:

    Flyboarding looks like fun. But, I could be wrong, but it looks like you need to be balanced (on purpose).

  • Dan says:

    Actually, John, being Off Balance is required to maneuver. There is a distinction between balancing (making constant adjustments) and trying to find “balance,” which will certainly dunk you in the lake. Plus you have to be a little Off Balance to try it in the first place!

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