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Who’s to Blame?

Who’s to blame?

There are basically three ways to answer that question.  Watch this video to discover your default response, and recalibrate for the best immediate and long term results.

  • Andy Kosiarek says:

    I want to know who’s to blame for this discussion topic? I think I’m going to blame you, Dan. Like many others, I have always sought to analyze why bad things happen to me & mine in an effort to determine what can be learned in order to avoid repeating the bad things. But perhaps choosing not to assign blame is a healthier choice. My habit of assigning blame will be hard to break, but your message today has inspired me to try. Thanks Dan!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Great comment, Andy! I appreciate your added insights, as always. Yeah, I’m to blame for this topic, and also for sometimes using blaming in unhelpful ways. This video was designed to get you (and me) to think and raise self awareness. I’m very grateful that it had that impact. Be well, my friend.

  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Great topic, great motivation.. Thanks.

  • Sallie Chastain says:

    Great topic for both personal thought processes and for many facets of society that spend time on causes of problems which frequently start with blaming other entities. Thank you.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thanks Sallie. I always appreciate your insights. It’s hard sometimes to remember that “society” also includes me. My world, my thoughts and actions create a very real impact on the society I influence. It matters greatly what we think and say.

  • Great points as always, Dan! The truly insidious side to blaming is it’s macro use as an organizing agent, a rallying cry to enlist support for a person or entity that desires power. Blame en masse is enemy creation. It’s a powerful, usually nefarious tool and what I like here is, by understanding that and following what you’re saying here, we can recognize and move above and beyond that sort of mob think. Thanks for sharing!


    Great insights from both the video and the comments. Thanks, Dan!

  • Dave W. says:

    Thank you Dan!

    Your helpful video reminds me of the E+R=O formula…

    I can’t control the E (events)

    Therefore I can’t completely control the O (outcomes)

    BUT, I can control the R (my response)

    I can choose to not respond with playing the blame game!

    Looking forward to your next video…

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