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      Will Your Purpose Last a Lifetime?

      This week I had a chance to sit down with Fran Tarkenton – Legendary NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback, broadcaster, business man and philanthropist. At 78 years old, Fran remains an inspiration and example of how to leverage one’s purpose in ways that are beneficial and enduring. This short video captures the essence of our fantastic encounter.

      Your purpose will be refined and redefined throughout your lifetime.

      Here are three tips from my conversation with Fran you can implement to accomplish more and create lasting impact:

      • Remain “Forever Curious.” Learning should be synonymous with living.
      • Lead with Kindness. Rather than focusing on finishing first, finish well. Then start again.
      • Surround Yourself with Greatness. Associate with people who are more skilled, accomplished, or educated than you are. Become the connector and catalyst, rather than the “ultimate authority.”

      In the comment section below, leave your impressions and examples of how these principles have worked in your life.  Or, propose a question to answer in future episodes. We’re here to help you continue to get better and get more out of life!



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    • Tak Kurtz says:

      That is awesome! Fran Tarkenton!!!! Again awesome!

    • Owen Skinner says:

      Great video messages! Thank you. Keep it up, Dan!

    • Neil says:

      Definitely stay humble and lead with kindness when ever you move forward, off balance, on purpose Dan.

      And also a great message for those who wish to gain more business through networking events.

      Keep the Passion, Neil

    • Tak Kurtz says:

      Hey Dan Is bet your viewers would also love to see the see the link to the show you did with Fran Tarkenton.
      I know that I would!

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        Yes, Tak. We will definitely share that when it’s available! The broadcast will be released sometime in March, after the production is edited and complete. The Tarkenton team host events across the country and in Canada where they do additional training based upon the message. Stay tuned!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Dan. Your little notes in my email catch me at the right time to remind me, stay off balanced on purpose!

    • Rick Thompson says:

      Thanks Dan! Keep up the great work and keep your messages coming to all of us.

    • Beth Clark says:

      Dan, I find myself living my life devastatingly off-balance this week. My husband and I lost our SIXTEEN year old German Shorthaired Pointer yesterday. We’ve had him longer than we’ve been married. Today is the first day of a “new normal” for us that neither of us know how to navigate. We have no human children but we had Oscar. Now, we have nothing. He was intertwined into nearly every aspect of our lives. We know that we are facing a mountain of “firsts” without him. This is truly the most significant loss I’ve experienced in my 41 years. Can you speak about grief and grieving in an upcoming video?

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        Beth, I’ve been thinking about your comment for a week now. So sorry for your loss of your dear friend, Oscar. I, too, am a dog lover (we have two) and understand the precious, unconditional love of a loyal pet. I will do my best to address this subject in an upcoming video, although it is a challenging topic. In the meantime, tell me something about Oscar. What was he like? What did he love to do?

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