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Without Within

If you feel empty, lacking or without great options, which way do you turn for help?  It could be you are looking in the wrong direction. This week, we begin a journey toward a truth you already possess.



If you feel empty, lacking or without great options, which way do you turn for help?
This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and looking within.

Maybe lately you felt without in some respect: Without answers, energy, direction, or hope. The void of what you want but don’t currently have instigates a desire and quest for replenishment. And there are two ways you can look. Externally or internally.

Looking outside ourselves is natural and useful, especially when we’re feeling without. We look to others for examples, opinions, validation, or even just a welcome distraction from our struggles. Which may be, in part, why you’re watching me.
But don’t underestimate the incredible resources that already exist within you, even during times of lack.

Looking within, you can tap into your cognitive self – analyzing, categorizing, problem solving. In many respects, your thinking defines you – as Rene Descartes famously said, “Congnito, ergo sum,” translated, “I think, therefore I am.”

But if that’s true then who are you when you’re not thinking? Or when you’re sleeping? Do you cease to be? Of course not. In truth, there is a “cognitive you” but also a “higher self,” the real you who observes the thinker. And you are powerful. Personally, I would rewrite Descartes to say – “You are, therefore you matter … and you know.”

You are so much more than your thoughts! Because you exist, you’re an amazing miracle. You are valued. You are worthy. You are enough, and yet ever expanding. And you are connected to powerful information that transcends cognitive thought. From thinking to knowing. The journey of life is learning to recognize, access, and use more of your higher capabilities.

In the next couple weeks, I will delve into this topic and teach you how to access more of the higher, wiser YOU. Begin by considering the two aspects of you – thinker and observer. And rather than identifying with your challenges or thoughts, observe yourself as you think and navigate life. And ask, looking within, who are you, really? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Owen Skinner says:

    Thanks, Dan! Now you’re really in my head! Within! Thank you for your continued encouragement and insight!

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