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Work is Life

Today we’re going to address one of the biggest misconceptions that actually makes it harder to be happy – in just two minutes and seven seconds!





Today we’re going to address one of the biggest misconceptions that actually makes it harder to be happy. We are Off Balance On Purpose in Fort Worth, TX.
At some point, most people ask themselves, “How do I balance my work and my life? This well intended question actually fuels the inner conflict that you feel, because you’ve just adopted a false premise. Work, or life. In reality your work is also your life.  Obviously your job isn’t your whole life, but it’s a huge part of who you are. It’s where most people spend the majority of their waking hours! So when you think of “life” as everything else other than work, you’re actually leaving out the biggest opportunity to improve your life.
The question should be, “how do I bring more life – more enjoyment, expression, and meaning – to my work?”  Your work serves a purpose, provides value to others and solves real problems. So it can and should be fulfilling! How you work is an expression of who you are, what you value, and how you are growing and changing.  So, how can your work better support your desire to be healthy, renew your spirit, have great relationships, and live your values?
You really have two jobs. One is the job description about what you do. And the second you get to write – your secret mission for personal satisfaction and contribution. Work can also be a powerful, expression. And peak performance requires curiosity, your creativity, and your passion.
So put the “life” back into work. Bring your uniqueness, and use the challenges as opportunities for learning and influence. Tell your family and friends why your work matters to you. And by connecting those you care about to the work that you do,  you’ll embrace the reality that work is life, and that’s actually a good thing. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Again, a simple and obvious concept expressed with a unique twist. Always something to think about.Thanks, Dan.

  • Ed Schrier says:

    Thank you Dan for driving that point home! You are the greatest!

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