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Your LIFE Motto

Do you have a LIFE Motto? This week’s video suggests a simple, easy to remember phrase to help you navigate difficulty, lean into opportunities, and bring more of you to all you do!



Do you want to get more out of life? Or give more, with the life you have? Well then, let’s get clear about what LIFE could mean for you.

When you think about it, “work-life balance” is a ridiculous term, implying your work isn’t even technically a part of your life, but something else you have to somehow factor in. Now of course, work is a huge part of a meaningful life, and you don’t get two lives. You get one. So regardless of where you are, personally or professionally, let’s make this your LIFE motto:

LIFE; Live Intentionally with Full Expression.

Living intentionally means you’re making conscious choices, owning your agency to try things, make mistakes, learn, and grow. Remember, “on purpose” means you decide, then contribute deliberate, thoughtful words and actions.

To me, full expression means you bring all of you to all you do. Don’t hold back on who you are or what you offer. Share your perspective, talents, and ideas. Take the opportunities you’re given. Or make your own. Embody what you know and believe, heart, mind, and spirit.

When you live intentionally with the full expression of who you are, you put yourself out there, which isn’t easy, because it makes you vulnerable. But, you know what? It also makes you powerful, influential, and admirable. You get more, gain more, give more, and learn more, as you live more LIFE. So until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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