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Your Secret Weapon

Are you using your “secret weapon” to increase your confidence and influence others? It’s almost guaranteed to improve your situation and you already have it in your possession. You just might not be using it… strategically.




Are you using your “secret weapon” to increase your confidence and influence others? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Memphis.
Can I please remind you that you have a “secret weapon” to connect with people, to gain trust, to summon your strengths, and diffuse negativity? It costs you nothing but can dramatically shift your well-being and impact. And is as simple as … your smile.
Come on, Dan. Smiling? Is that all you’ve got this week? Well, don’t knock it till you try it, strategically. You see most of us smile spontaneously, when we are amused or experiencing something enjoyable. But if you can make a subtle smile your “default,” even as you negotiate challenging situations, you will shift your energy and your results.  Internally, a smile enables you to access more confident thoughts and creative solutions. You can change your chemistry and psychology, which increases your attention. Smiling signals your brain that you have the answer, making it more likely that you’ll actually find it.
Externally, a smile makes you more approachable, relatable, and real. I’m not talking about a fake, over-the-top happy face. That’s just creepy. I mean a sincere, authentic smile that conveys you appreciate others. That you have confidence and you contribute positivity.  So how do you smile authentically when you’re not feeling it spontaneously? Two ways. Gratitude. And observation. For what are you grateful? Regardless of your circumstances, I hope you have a lot to be grateful for, and that you keep those items near the top of your mind, a simple, reflexive thought to default to gratitude and summon an authentic smile.
Also, you can observe something specific, or even odd about your circumstances. Notice a detail others don’t see, and that shift of focus will prompt a smile. Because you now have a “sneaky secret” just for you, and that’s something to smile about.
This week, become more aware and strategic about how you deploy your “secret weapon.” Because it’s actually an incredible tool to impact your internal and external world. Until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Kurtz Tak says:

    I had to laugh. It was like a Buster Keaton moment with the Train coming up behind you… except Buster wouldn’t have been smiling.

  • Diana Thurmon says:

    Smiling at the simplicity and wisdom in this one. Perfect!

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