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Your Worst Enemy

How do you recognize and defeat your own “worst enemy?” This short video will shed light on those questions and deliver a three step process to inner victory.




How do you recognize and defeat your own “worst enemy?” This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Nashville, Tennessee.

You are not your own worst enemy. But your worst thoughts, doubts, and self-limits can be. And when we are tired, discouraged, and lack confidence, we are all more prone to self-sabotage.

We can undermine our best intentions.

Undervalue our thoughts, experience, and ability.

And undo forward progress with careless words and unforced errors.

When you’re at your best, excellence seems effortless. Creativity flows freely. And confidence reigns supreme.  But one mistake, an unexpected disappointment, or a moment of weakness, and your inner critic pounces, proclaiming “you’re not all that. And you never really were.” When that happens, here are three steps to flip the script.

1. Improve your view. Imagine living in a room where one window faces an ugly brick wall and the other faces inspiring scenery. Which window would you choose to look out? Similarly, every situation offers multiple perspectives. Choose the one that provides you hope and validation, even though there are clearly other options.

2. Make a list. Actually make two. Make one list of your best qualities, strengths, and attributes. Then make a list of everything you know for certain. And make sure you’re listing facts, not defeatist opinions.

3. Take control. Based upon your best qualities and certainties, make one positive change for the better. Don’t try to fix everything, but just improve one thing, for real.

When you doubt yourself, you need to start simple, then build self-trust and confidence. When enemy thoughts enter your brain, don’t fight them, or give into them. Thank them. In a weird way, they’re trying to protect you from risk and failure. But you don’t need that because you’ve got this.

I’m giving you permission, right now, to believe in you. You embody greatness and kindness. And your occasional doubt means that you truly care. This matters to you, as it should. So acknowledge your inner enemy, but take control of your perspective, your strengths, and your next move. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

  • Anonymous Broken Soul says:

    Once again, you’re speaking straight to my heart, Dan! Thank you for your weekly inspiration!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Dear “Anonymous,” It helps my heart to know that I’ve resonated with yours. It’s my prayer each week that these messages land where they are most needed, providing encouragement and clarity for the next steps forward. Feeling better is good. Doing better is… better. Take action to put the message to the test… and stay tuned for more!

  • Kurtz Tak says:

    Hard to top that!


    Thanks Dan. Continued to be inspired by your tips and your amazing positivity, energy, and physicality. At 56 and on the “live to be 100” plan, you inspire me bot professionally and personally in being active with all things boards: Wakeboarding, snow boarding, kiteboarding, standup paddle boarding, ripsticking, Onewheeling (Electric skateboard). Here’s to living life to the fullest professionally, personally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually!

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Love it, Michael! I’m just s few years behind you at 51. And I have similar goals. But for me it’s less about the age (although 100 would be cool) and more about the quality of the years. Staying adventurous, athletic, and flexible is really important to me. I want to play with my Grandkids (God willing:) and continue to model “agile aging.” In that regard, staying free from injury is really key.

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