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Sometimes, to reach a BREAKTHROUGH, you need a remarkable, shared EXPERIENCE.

This all-inclusive Leadership Retreat is unlike anything your team expects or any meeting they’ve ever experienced.

This powerful event, led by Dan, will transform the way attendees see themselves as leaders and how they relate to one another as a team. Because the experience incorporates physical challenge, thoughtful work, and emotional impact, the learning will be profound and long lasting, both personally and professionally.

As with all of Dan’s work, specific objectives are developed through collaborative planning.

You can expect to:

  • Solidify your leadership team culture and unity.
  • Break through outdated ideas and behaviors.
  • Create individualized plans for personal and professional growth.
  • Challenge one another to improve.
  • Build bonds of friendship, respect, trust, and transparency among the leadership team.
  • Transcend perceived limitations in order to confront and overcome fear and anxiety.
  • Incorporate adventure, nature, and thrilling excitement in a unique destination that is world renowned for its safety and innovation.

Why Adventure Matters

Predictable experiences and venues too often lead to predictable results. But making a breakthrough is about discovering what is UNPREDICTABLE.

The best ideas arise when we’re taken away from familiar surroundings and to a place that is remote, new, and exciting. When we are led into new realms of physical, cognitive, and spiritual experience, we encounter epiphanies we could never expect.

Dan is masterful at providing the context for the experience, and for each component and exceptional moment. The adventure becomes the jumping off place to discuss personal beliefs and limitations – and learn to transcend them. He also embodies effective leadership while teaching it, so that the lessons are tangible, multi-sensory, and immersive.



Challenging experiences designed for every level.

The Breakthrough Experience can incorporate exhilarating physical experiences, including zip-lining. Safety is always paramount, and we work with world renowned leaders in safety operations. Participants can engage these opportunities, or enjoy alternative experiences. Regardless of personal desire or physical abilities, ALL are fully included.

Our Favorite Location

While The Breakthrough Experience can happen in a variety of venues, we love to host it at Banning Mills Resort in Whitesburg, Georgia.

When Dan discovered this resort, he immediately knew it was the PERFECT spot for his unique method of experiential education. While a bit “off the beaten path” (about 45 minutes from the Atlanta airport), its remote, secluded location and unique attributes provide a setting where people immediately feel out of their normal element (Off Balance) and enormously present for what is to come.

Safety comes first.

Banning Mills is not only the world’s longest zip line facility, but also a pioneer in safety engineering. The patented system they invented makes it impossible for a participant to go “off cable” once they are on the course. Their redundancies and design specs are of the highest standards, and their courses are diligently maintained and inspected.


This is an unforgettable, all-inclusive experience.

They offer a wide variety of experiences at various levels of challenge, strenuousness, and time commitment. The location feels rustic and remote, but provides great food, quality rooms, and hospitality. There are even a limited number of “Treehouse Rooms” that are accessed by swinging bridges.

This is a popular destination, especially in the summer months. For that reason, we would want to nail down the dates quickly so we can block rooms and adventure tours.

And, as we have an existing relationship with Banning Mills, we provide you a turnkey, all-inclusive experience.

Brainstorm your team’s Breakthrough with Dan


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Dan would love to learn more about your group and goals for this experience. Please take just a minute to share a few details here, and we will arrange a complimentary Breakthrough Brainstorming call with Dan.







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