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Improve your sales performance and bottom line results.

Sales is a performance – the process of establishing authority, and leading your customer through an experience that demonstrates empathy, develops interest, and earns loyalty. It’s not about persuading them to your perspective, but rather demonstrating that you understand theirs.

Because sales conversations happen in real, compressed time frames, and every encounter is critical and unique. Sales professionals must be committed to elevating every sales experience. With each encounter, or “performance,” there are three – the one you plan, the one you do, and the one you should have done (and learn from).

In this exciting keynote, Dan helps sales pros become intentional about all three stages. He also reveals performance secrets to improve engagement and bottom line results.

Learning objectives

As a result of attending this program, attendees will learn:

  • How to differentiate your approach from competitors to stand apart and above the rest.
  • How to manage your customers’ expectations and ensure that you deliver more than they anticipate.
  • How focusing on value and uniqueness transcends objections about price.
  • How to leverage your most powerful asset – your brand – for greatest results.
  • Why telling stories is far more effective than imparting benefits.
  • How to break through external barriers and self-imposed limitations.
Fire Up Your Sales Team
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