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Challenging Gravity

Are you using gravity to your advantage? Let’s talk about physical tests, serious quests, and extreme opportunities. WATCH THE VIDEO. […]

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Don’t Decide Yet

Are you being pressed for an answer? Struggling to choose when you don’t yet have clarity? Well there’s a good […]

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Power Up Your Purpose

Your sense of purpose equates to the power of your intentions and the level at which you contribute. But where […]

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The Conversation Ladder

Conversations happen at various levels and in relationship to our challenges and circumstances. In your most important relationships, where do you […]

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The Long View

Is your view of the short term limiting future possibilities? This week’s video will help you transform negative anxiety into […]

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See the Patterns

If something happens once, it may be random. If it happens twice, it should get your attention. And if it […]

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