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Hard Part’s Over

Are you worn down by ongoing challenges? Discouraged, thinking you’ll never be done? This week’s video provides a quick technique […]

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Desiring Discipline

Are your current disciplines in alignment with your aspirations? If not, what do you do about it? This week’s video […]

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Get Ready for Disruption

Is it just me, or do you also see the signs of major disruptions coming our way? This week’s video […]

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Your Mind Quits First

Are you ready to give up? Do you know someone who is? Please use and share this week’s video to […]

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Strengthen Your Brain

How important is your mental fitness? Are you optimizing your brain for creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience? How you treat and […]

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Get Better at Anything

Whatever you’re trying to achieve or become, here’s a strategy that will help you keep momentum and get there faster while shortening […]

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