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Author, entrepreneur, acrobat,
renowned keynote speaker.

Dan Thurmon isn’t just a world-renowned Hall of Fame keynote speaker. He’s also an author, entrepreneur, workplace performance expert, fitness advocate, and acrobat who practices what he preaches!

Known for delivering powerful, customized, opening and closing keynotes in jaw-dropping style, Dan uses every bit of his passion and ability to educate and inspire his audiences. The results and experiences are unlike anything any other speaker can offer.

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A truly unique presentation style

Dan is known for delivering powerful, customized opening and closing keynotes in jaw-dropping style. He does handstands on podiums while discussing balance. He juggles sharp objects to teach principles of performance under pressure. He weaves through the audience on a six-foot unicycle to visually amplify principles for navigating change. Dan has been transforming fortune 500 teams to see change as as ‘an opportunity to lean into’ for 25 years.

25+ Years
32 Countries
6 Continents

What started as a means to fund a business school grew into a seven-figure business across 32 countries and six continents. Dan has moved beyond performance to incorporate motivational messages tailored to solve real-world business problems. Word-of-mouth helped spread the powerful impact of Dan’s keynotes and workshops, and he’s established a long list of fortune 500 clients.

Today, Dan continues to work closely with his clients to truly understand their challenges in business, leadership and teamwork. Additionally, Dan led breakthrough research efforts to uncover the troubling current state and impact of chaos in the American Workforce, key insights, and leadership recommendations.

For Dan, his role goes far beyond just an energetic speaker. He serves as a catalyst to inspire significant change within a business, especially during times of transition.

Dynamic, customized programs for lasting change.

In his programs, Dan drives to the root of what’s holding clients back, and he tailors every engagement to address the specific needs of every organization. Whether it’s a live event or virtual learning experience, Dan’s dynamic approach and unique point of difference sets his programs apart and keeps him in high demand all year long.

Dan is a dedicated family man currently living in the Atlanta area with his wife Shay and their children, Eddie and Maggie. He is passionate about health and fitness, and enjoys playing golf, reading, writing and music.

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