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Great leaders see opportunity during times of disruptive change.

Now more than ever, success depends on surpassing limits, embracing change, and outshining the competition. Even the best team members can feel overwhelmed when faced with greater challenges amidst change and adversity.

Success requires new limits, expanding capabilities, embracing change, and connecting deeply with customers. This reality leaves some behind, makes others exhausted, and causes all of us to live in a constant state of feeling that we’re “not enough” to meet the challenge.

Dan Thurmon’s mission is to help create a culture of continuous improvement by shattering self-imposed limitations, rekindling a commitment to excellence, and fostering mastery of change.

That’s why Dan offers special programs for:

Whether you book a live event with Dan or a customized Virtual Experience, leaders get fired up and focused, teams improve their execution and employees scale the heights to peak performance.

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Drive Results

Whether you need to set bigger goals or reach the ones you already have, Dan will help you get from “ambition” to “accomplishment.”

The incredible events of 2020 and their unfolding impact have shaken the foundation of nearly every industry and life. And the fact remains, you and your team need to get things DONE.

Dan’s presentations can help you clarify your objectives and develop a culture of action and accountability. When people take ownership of the outcome, they become MORE capable and resourceful to make it happen.

Dan’s programs will:

  • Convey undeniable principles and examples of achievement.
  • Leverage past successes and setbacks into new opportunities.
  • Help increase understanding and “buy in” for your initiatives and plans.
  • Challenge your team to increase their focus, determination, and commitment.

Lead Through Change

Change is everywhere, and it provides the opportunity to redefine who you are, and how you can lead others.

There are two types of people – those who, when facing uncertainty, try to protect their conditions and those who see the opportunity to create new possibilities.

Dan has spent a quarter-century working with some of the greatest companies and leaders on the planet. He’s also led the National Speakers Association, as President, through a time of unprecedented transformation.

Dan’s program’s will:

  • Uncover the opportunity within what scares you.
  • Demonstrate why “Authenticity” is the new credibility for leaders.
  • Enable everyone to see more of their personal potential for Influence and Activation.

Increase Capacity

Bring all of YOU to what you do.

What if you could show up to every challenge, personal or professional, bringing the full complement of your uniqueness? Imagine the impact and the satisfaction of delivering your full contribution.

Dan’s keynote teaches a proprietary model for work and life integration that aligns personal and professional growth. This creates a culture of connected achievers who tap far more of their “infinite potential” while inspiring others and achieving more.

Dan’s programs will:

  • Teach the essential relationship between willingness, ability, and capacity.
  • Show how time, energy, and resources are not fixed, but are fluid, and ever-expanding.
  • Enable the audience to see themselves as capable of more, and up for the challenge.
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