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A transformative program for living a life of intention with extraordinary fulfillment.

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Turn Inspiration into Action

Dan has developed an easy and effective program to extend the momentum of his message long after the keynote. He delivers a clear framework to transform the chaos of life into endless possibilities.

Welcome to Transform Your Chaos, an immersive course where Dan guides you through a powerful process to discover your purpose and create a life you love. You’ll also learn to embrace and use uncertainty to your advantage.

Success Follows Simple Patterns

After 25 years of helping leaders find opportunity In the chaos of life, Dan’s found a simple pattern to open up life’s possibilities.

Working with some of the best companies and achievers in the world, Dan developed strategies to help people break out of negative patterns and live more meaningful, rich lives. Through all this work and research, he’s been focused on a simple question:

Why can some people accomplish so much while others get lost in the chaos of work and life?

Dan’s come to see that there is a pattern in those that are most fulfilled and successful in life. A few commonalities in highly fulfilled and successful people, a few mental shifts that allow some to consistently move beyond limitations. These individuals take charge of their lives, and achieve dramatically greater joy and capability. 

Over many years, Dan has taught these patterns of success to leaders in 38 continents and has now put his knowledge into a simple learning system, Transform Your Chaos. The system is designed to deliver a serious shift in a short time.

Shape The Patterns, Thrive in Life

The course is divided into 4 modules described below. Each is designed to create a transformation that enables you to identify a personal purpose, align your personal growth to professional development, and design a life that promotes exceptional, sustainable, increasing accomplishments, as well as lasting impact.

The Truth about CHAOS

Make more sense of your Life Pattern. Get an improved, empowering understandings of CHAOS and BALANCE. Own and shape what you’re experiencing and influencing, be ready to create what’s next and have better goals that truly inspire you. You’ll also have a better understanding of how it all fits together.

The 5 Spheres

Align your personal and your professional growth, or “five spheres” of your influence: Purposeful Work, Lasting Relationships, Enduring Health, Renewing Spirit, and Personal Interests.  Reach a new level of clarity about the kind of life you really want, and what will take you there.

Transformation Tools

Unlock a new set of tools to put your mindset, insight, and understanding into action. Create space in your life, connect with what matters most, and learn to make decisions and commitments that will elevate not just one of your life spheres, but many. Life becomes more fun as you realize you have more control.

The OBOP Process

Discover this five-step process for positive change. Start confidently and finish strong in any endeavor. Leverage all your previous work to a greater understanding of how to live with intention. Realize fully “Transformed CHAOS”, as you embrace uncertainty, find your purpose, and create a life you love.

Program Benefits

  • Identify and effectively engage challenges that truly benefit you.
  • Move from “Hectic” to a Healthy approach to life and success.
  • Transcend Anxiety by pursuing what is Aspirational and Purposeful.
  • Transform Overwhelming Stress into Ongoing Synergy. Realize greater energy, capacity, and contribution.
  • Adopt a positive mindset and new methods for success.
  • Commit to ongoing learning with greater self-respect, and self-discipline.
  • Be equipped to own your reality, seek your purpose, lean forward, leverage your resources and follow through!

Start transforming your chaos & start living with intention.

About Dan

What started as a means to fund a business school grew into a seven-figure business across 32 countries and six continents. Dan began his journey as an acrobatic performer for corporate events over 25 years ago. He soon moved beyond performance to incorporate motivational messages tailored to solve real-world business problems. Word-of-mouth helped spread the powerful impact of Dan’s keynotes and workshops, and he’s established a long list of fortune 500 clients.

Today, Dan continues to work closely with his clients to truly understand their challenges in business, leadership and teamwork. For Dan, his role goes far beyond just an energetic start or end to a meeting. He serves as a catalyst to inspire significant change within a business, especially during times of transition.

Dan is a dedicated family man currently living in the Atlanta area with his wife Shay and their children, Eddie and Maggie.

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  • Kindle Version of Off Balance on Purpose (A $25 Value)
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Contact our team at (770) 982-2664 or to learn more and inquire about corporate pricing. *If you try the course and find that it’s not for you, we offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Just email your request along with your completed assignments and we’ll send your refund ASAP.

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