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Help your team to adopt and apply your principles AT THE PEAK OF INSPIRATION.

Dan’s keynote delivers new insights, awareness, and desire to accomplish and become MORE. Your audience will feel more capable and motivated, and they will be primed to harness that power.

This workshop helps them capitalize on this inspirational peak at a critical moment and get to work immediately, applying these lessons to THEIR lives and jobs.

First, the keynote opens their minds and activates their intentions. The Off Balance On Purpose In Practice Workshop then harnesses that potential and creates accountable plans of action.

Learning Objectives

This unique workshop can be presented live or as a virtual experience and will help your team:

  • Take full ownership of goals and future results.
  • Identify growth opportunities in every aspect of life.
  • Shift their mindset from scarcity to abundance.
  • Release guilt and realize greatness.
  • Connect what matters most so that personal growth becomes professional excellence.
  • Develop a plan. Every person leaves with a powerful workbook to activate their ambitions.
Get this Workshop Live or Virtually

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