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Align to Excellence

Confidence can be cultivated through consistent growth and the acknowledgment of accomplishment. This week’s video will help you align the excellence inside you to better meet the challenges in front of you.



Do you identify as a person who rises to meet the moment?   Or a someone who falls short, backs out, or self sabotages your chances?  This week we are aligning to excellence.

A purposeful life begins by deciding you are a person of action. Wherever you put yourself, you generally do well. When involved in a project, it usually improves, because of you. You make mistakes, of course. But overall, you figure it out, and what you touch is elevated by your influence.  When you say yes to opportunities, of any size and shape, and then show up and succeed, you plant flags of accomplishment. Looking back on your past, do you see them? Markers of achievements? Checks of completion? Are other people consistently asking you to be involved? If so, there’s a clue that you are a person of value.

And if not, that’s your next move. Resolve, right now, to transform yourself into a person of value who consistently delivers, despite the circumstances. Follow through, and distinguish yourself by your commitments and results. Adopt this self image, and it also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of what’s to come.  As you contemplate future paths you’ll embark upon, you don’t have to know exactly where they will
take you. Direction and congruence become far more important than a specific destination. Commit with more confidence. Put yourself in the right rooms… the right opportunities…. the right future tests. Challenges don’t diminish you, they validate your value. They change you the better, and for good. They elevate your abilities, your station and reputation. Like a ratchet, consistently generating increasingly greater strength, you just keep clicking. This week, align to excellence,  keep laying down markers of accomplishment, and you lean in to that next opportunity, Off Balance On Purpose.


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