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Bad Gifts

Have you accepted “bad gifts” that are limiting your life and success. This week’s video will help you let go of past offerings that are holding you back.



It’s the season of gifting! So what do you do with the “gifts” you’ve received that are truly terrible for your life? This week, we’re in LaJolla, California.
When I talk about bad gifts, I don’t mean the ugly sweater or fruitcake. Unfortunate gifts can be returned, or at least ignored. After a polite “thank you,” they might find a drawer, a donation box, or a re-gift recipient.
I mean the bad gifts you’ve accumulated throughout your lifetime. Pronouncements of your limitations. Conditions that define and constrict you. Stories of your failure and inadequacy that you have been handed. Why is it that these “gifts” aren’t as easy to let go, or refuse to accept?
Instead of saying, “no thank you” we often willingly take ownership of bad gifts. Those limiting thoughts, conditions and stories are enthusiastically embraced and become yours for a lifetime. You can’t. You’re not worthy. You are broken, limited, and will never be enough.
Regardless of where they come from, or the intentions behind the offering, you must NOT accept, or take ownership of that which weakens you. See these “gifts” for what they are – expressions of fear, failure to understand. Attempts to characterize what you have by someone who doesn’t.
Present limitations aren’t to be gold plated as permanent adornments. They’re to be transcended. Your challenges are yours to define and overcome. Stories of what was, or what is ,are to be rewritten by you, the author of your life, in order to serve and empower you, going forward.
So from this point on, refuse to accept the “bad gifts” that could define you. And give only love, acceptance, and understanding to those on your list, and in your life. Nobody gets this perfect. So extend grace to others, and to yourself. With extreme gratitude, give your life the all-in effort  that it deserves, because you are amazing. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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