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      Boosting Confidence

      If self-doubt has been holding you back, watch this week’s video! It contains insights to the nature of confidence, as well as, five sure-fire ways to boost yours!



      How strongly do you believe in your ability? And are you convinced of your value? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, boosting confidence.
      Self confidence is in many ways, the key to success. Believing in your abilities, ideas and vision is both empowering and persuasive. Confidence connects, uplifts, and enlists the support of others. Which is great…  unless you’re not feeling all that confident.
      The truth is we all operate from this place of precarious confidence. We may know our strengths, and also our weaknesses, fears and secrets. And it’s easy to think others don’t carry this burden. But they do. It’s just their stuff, not your stuff. Authentic confidence is not arrogance, but assurance that you have value – nothing to prove, and yet so much to share! So here are a few ways to boost your confidence when you’re not quite feeling it.
      1. Own your history. Your past matters and serves you. Because you’re the only one who has your unique experiences and lessons learned.
      2. Demonstrate you can. You build confidence by doing things you’re not quite sure you can do. So test yourself and reveal more of your potential!
      3. Close the gaps. Go to work learning, practicing, and falling short now in order to get better and stronger very soon.
      4. Get curious. When you ask questions and truly seek to understand, you’re focusing out and up, rather than inward.
      5. Don’t strut. Serve. Don’t cover up your lack of confidence. Seek a purpose bigger than your ego, and then stretch to become what’s required.
      Nobody ever got more confident  sitting alone, hoping, or trying to convince somebody else. Confidence comes when you own your vulnerabilities, act anyway, and discover how great you already are. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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