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Boosting Immunity

You are extraordinary, yet susceptible to real time threats to your health and well being. This week’s coaching video offers insights and effective ways to boost y0ur immunity and improve your life.



In what ways can you become more resistant to the very real risks of our world, and your psyche? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, boosting immunity.
I’m not a doctor. But it seems to me that living in this world of uncertainty and threat, when information changes often, and perspectives are regularly skewed and amplified. The one thing that ALL concerned and discerning people should agree on: is that it’s probably a good idea to boost your immune system.
To be immune is to be resistant to infection or toxin. When it comes to disease, Harvard Health suggests that immune boosters, include fitness, stopping smoking, reducing or eliminating excess weight and excess alcohol. We need to decrease stress. And increase activity, fruits and vegetables, sleep, and fresh air.
You probably already knew that, even without Harvard Health. But have you considered that thoughts can be equally infectious and toxic ? Are you immune from negative ideas and destructive self-talk? Have you built up a resistance to the naysayers and pessimists who take pleasure and accomplishment, literally feeling better when they can make you feel just a little bit worse!
We need to guard against the toxins of presumption, limiting belief, and defeatist attitudes. And boost our positive beliefs, spiritual journey, and appreciation of joy and beauty.
When you’re not sure exactly what to do, do something that will benefit you in the long run.  Get curious, creative, and committed to what helps you.  Boost your immunity, physical and mental, and become more aligned and invested in being the example of responsibility.  Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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