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Speak less. Say more. This week’s video will help you engage the power of brevity.



It’s a chilly morning in Bismarck, North Dakota, so it behooves us both to keep this brief. Today let’s talk about brevity.

Whether it’s a race, a journey, a conversation, or a speech, the shortest distance between two points wins. Ideas, stories, and sentiments, condensed to the fewest, most essential words, become more powerful, persuasive, and repeatable.
My journey as a speaker has featured the study of linguistic condensation. Think, write, prune, edit. More words isn’t better, and is often a hindrance, as irreplaceable attention and time is in increasingly short supply. So let’s strive to express ourselves succinctly.
Like all skills, you don’t master this overnight, and you’re never done learning. I strongly suggest you enroll in this lifelong course, starting with these three keys.
1. Be clear not clever. Don’t speak to impress, but to be precisely understood.
2. Edit on the fly. As you speak or write, watch your word count, and remember, less is usually more.
3. Speak in layers. What is essential to understand and gain interest? What’s the next level? And when is a bit more “fluff” useful and appreciated?
Crisp air is refreshing. And so is crisp language. You can likely create greater impact using fewer words. So say it right. Keep it tight. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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