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Celebrate You

This year-end message extends thanks, marks progress, and suggests an important inclusion for your list of holiday celebrations!



It’s the Tuesday before Christmas, and all through the year.
We’ve dealt with the changes, disruptions and fear.
Approaching the end of 2020, and beginning anew.
Please take time to commend and to celebrate YOU!

You have learned so much this year, increased your appreciation of what matters most, and extended love and compassion where it is so needed. You’re stronger. Wiser. And, whether you realize it yet or not, better than before. Not in every way, but perhaps in some of the most important ways.

Thank you for the opportunity to journey with you on this remarkable, historic year – to be your encourager, providing positive perspectives and actions to implement. We’re in this together, on this ever upward path of learning and improvement, and I look forward to continuing our work in the New Year!

For now, I wish you and yours incredible peace, joy and gratitude as you lean forward, Off Balance On Purpose, into your holidays. See you next year!


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