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      Certainty Now

      If you’re in need of some certainty during this crazy time, please watch this two minute video.




      When life seems more uncertain every day, what do you know for sure? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, in quarantine.
      First, I hope you’re well, with your love ones,  doing what’s necessary to stay safe and positive. The world is off balance. Uncertainty has reached new, crazy levels for countless millions. It’s personal. And because of that, your thoughts, words, and actions are crucially important!
      Step one is to “Own your Reality,” which involves seeing what really is and taking responsibility for what happens next. And what we know for certain about your future is: You’ll be there.
      Who you become will determine your future happiness, success, and contributions. So let’s use this time, starting right now to ensure our future selves will be better than ever. Test yourself today in these three ways:
      1. Do something harder.  Instead of shrinking from change, commit to doing something you’ve not done before. Right now, I’m converting my video studio into a multi-camera, multi-set, live broadcasting facility so that I can be with my audiences and help them, even when “getting together” isn’t an option.
      2. Say something kinder. In my neighborhood, I’ve noticed people out enjoying the weather and sharing kind words with one another (from an appropriate distance, of course). The words we exchange can change one another.
      3. Give something greater. When you’re in doubt, or in need, it’s a great time to give. The more you give, the more you get, in both great feelings and positive outcomes. Today, after I shoot this video, I’m off to the Red Cross to donate blood. Give what’s needed of your time and resources.
      I promise if you will, starting today, do something harder, say something kinder, and give something greater, you will certainly become something more. You got this. So until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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