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Commit Quickly

Opportunities can come and go in a blink. When you can recognize what’s important and commit quickly you gain advantage, get max credit, and put yourself in best position to see it through. This week’s video will help you do that, leaving the unimportant to fall away.



Because life moves fast, we should stay in the flow of opportunities and seize them. From San Diego let’s talk about the benefits of committing quickly.

First, this message is not about overcommitting. Commitment without care creates chaos. We need to say “no” to the unimportant to create space for what matters.

I’m talking about that feeling when the proposed idea or opportunity strongly resonates with your goals and values. The workout class. The meetup or adventure that, while complex, will fulfill you. Or the tough assignment that will stretch you in meaningful ways.

When you have that feeling, you may think “Well, let’s just wait and see. I’d hate to commit now then back out later.” The problem is, when you hedge your willingness, you operate with ambiguity and may subconsciously undermine opportunities. When the time comes, and you’re not ready or available, your initial hesitation is validated.

Imagine a different approach. In the moment, you trust your gut and say yes quickly. Knowing what’s coming, your thoughts and actions align. You prepare mentally, physically, and practically. You work with efficiency, and your path forward simplifies.

If hesitation and missed opportunity is a pattern for you, here are three steps to change that.

1. Clarify priorities. It all starts with knowing what matters to you. What do you truly value or aspire to become?

2. Expect and recognize. Having created clarity, you will encounter what you envision in ways that surprise you. These are tests of your seriousness.

3. Respond. Lean into what you value. Say yes, and feel the thrill of integrity and alignment.

When life speeds up, slow down your thinking from reaction to response. With clarity you can commit more quickly with confidence. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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