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      Content and Contentment

      Stop consuming what weakens you! This week’s video explores the connection between the content around you, the contents within you, and your ability, usefulness, and contentment.



      Does the content you consume make you more or less content? We’re in Las Vegas, taking control of what controls us.

      We live in a world of nonstop content. Endless streams of words, images, audio, video, entertainment, education, news, and nonsense, which are increasingly difficult to distinguish. You consume by choice or by spinning the algorithm. Either way, we’re being programmed.

      Just as you “are what you eat,” the content of your thinking and your character is a product of consumption. What’s “in there,” your contents, is the sum of your experiences, environment, influences, and inputs? But are you or satisfied or content?

      Obviously not, we strive for higher goals and continuous improvement. Ambition and aspiration provide compelling pull. Yet the trick is to be complete even as we’re uncompleted. Striving, yet sufficient. Being well, becoming better.

      And here’s the thing. Your influence, your way of being, speaking, and acting, is someone else’s content. How’s it working? That’s the measure, whether we’re talking about the contents of a cabinet, a book, a brain, or one’s character. What’s really in there? And does it have value and utility?

      What content might you stop consuming for your benefit? What app, if deleted, would improve the quality of your contents and your feeling of contentment? I know my answers. Do you?

      And what content, if consumed, would bring better options? Heightened awareness? Spiritual comfort? Can we curate the content that elevates our value? Take more control of what controls us.

      You may be content to escape, distract, or constantly struggle. But there’s diminishing usefulness on this path. And you can’t give away what you don’t have. So elevate your contents, and notice the contentment that follows. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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