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Courses of Learning

Are you learning by default, or by design? This week’s lesson will help you prioritize what you most need to learn, create space and expectations, then enroll in the right course for your future!



I’m on Princeton University campus asking, what’s your next course of learning?

Yesterday, I delivered a speech nearby for an incredible, high performance team and their leaders. They’re facing a big moment that requires new learning.

You are also facing big moments; new opportunities, and tests. Each arrives with a special bonus – you get to learn! And as you’ve been learning all your life, you should be pretty good at it by now. Maybe you’ve lost momentum, or motivation, but you’ve always been a learning machine.

So, what do you want to learn? What do you most need to learn now? Here are some course options that could certainly be worth the investment.

  • Learning to think more strategically.
  • Learning a new skill or technology.
  • Learning mindfulness, breathing, and meditation.
  • Learning to cook healthy food.
  • Learning to manage and invest money.

Just like at University, you can’t learn everything at once. You choose your courses. I’d suggest two – one professional, and one personal, for a limited time frame, initially, of three to six weeks.

To create space and time, take a break from other activities, like binge watching shows. Say no to the routine to say yes to something new. Use drive time to consume audiobooks and podcasts. Curate excellent teachers and fellow students.

When you’re learning intentionally, you’re improving yourself and inspiring others. Enrolled in course, and on course for an aspiring future. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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