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Crossing the Gap

What could walking a “slack rope” possibly teach you about focus and accomplishment? Turns out, quite a lot! This week Dan unpacks key principles for staying focused and keeping your momentum without becoming overwhelmed by sizable, or even fearful challenges.

  • Kurtz Tak says:

    That brings back memories!

  • Patty West says:

    Dan, as always – great message. I really enjoy your posts and appreciate your insight. I look forward to every post and if I can’t take the time to look at them right away – I save them and since they are short (usually 2 to 3 minutes) I can fit one in here and there when I have just a few minutes before the next task to tackle. Always worthwhile! This time I have a question – entirely off subject: What is that explosion across the street behind you at around 1:31-1:34. Curious.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thanks Patty! What you’re seeing there is the morning sun reflecting off my neighbors house and creating a very cool, momentary lens flare. What’s interesting about that is because of our early morning sunrise, the effective window to shoot this video was between 6:15am and 6:45am. Any earlier and it was not quite light enough for quality resolution, and after 6:45 the direct sunlight blew out the shots. The shot you referenced was right at the edge of that window, adding a bit more pressure to getting it right!

  • Donna Chenault says:

    Hi Dan, you are simply magical! A very insightful message. Thank you for keeping weekly tips brief. They seem to have a greater impact. 50….really?

  • Andrea Ivins says:

    You were right Dan! I really do love this one. This resonates with me greatly!

  • joy stasiak says:

    i love these. getting these tid bits. it one brings me back to my rehab lessons after i had a stoke. each task i wanted there to be a goal to focus on.not jus task itself but the therapists did not believe it was something to concern my self with. What its purpose if there was no goal. i knew there was an objevtive but that did not work for me. thanks again.

  • Elaine Holmquist says:

    50? Very remarkable indeed! For a person with acrophobia, it would be daunting to walk a tight rope, much less a slack rope.

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