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      In our world of ever expanding change, it’s easy to get discouraged, become disengaged, or confused about what’s accurate. These two keys will help you stay open while discerning what’s true and relevant.



      This year I’m striving to live into two specific words, or really, intentions. At first, they may not seem connected. But stay with me, as these two words may also be key for you. We’re in Phoenix, AZ.

      This year I’m actively working to stay curious. Curiosity means “a strong desire to learn something. To inquire eagerly.” It stems from the Latin word “cura,” meaning, “to care” or “to be careful.”

      Do I care enough to seek to understand? To struggle over the initial hump of feeling lost or clumsy? I’d like to rejuvenate my sense of curiosity, not to pass up opportunities or people, simply because I don’t yet know. I care too much about my life and my life’s work.

      The second word for me is honesty, meaning, “Free of deceit and untruthfulness. Sincere.” Am I speaking and acting in a way that is truthful – both in how I see myself, and how I operate in the world?

      Am I honest about what I know or don’t know?

      Honest about what I’m willing and unwilling to do?

      Am I honest to voice what I believe? Or challenge it?

      Honest when I make a mistake?

      Am I honest when I need help? Or step in to help others?

      I see a connection and tension between being curious and being honest. Curiosity helps you suspend self-awareness and fear to acquire new skills and perspectives, to be more fair with yourself and others. But you can’t learn and incorporate everything. Honesty helps you discern what’s true and most important to you.

      Honesty calls us to have more real and perhaps more challenging conversations. Yet curiosity helps us discover how to do so, to care more, while being careful. And honestly, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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