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      Death Day

      Do you want greater joy, deeper experiences, and lasting contributions? Maximizing life starts with embracing its fleeting nature, so let’s flip the script on mortality.



      Today, July 4, is my 54th birthday. Which means I’m even older now, rapidly accelerating through life, toward that inevitable occasion we “celebrate” just once. That’s right. I’m talking about death day.
      We don’t talk about death nearly enough. It’s a universal aspect of human life. We will all, one day, cease to be. I’ve often thought of that as an excellent conversation starter: “Hello. Have you adequately contemplated your mortality?”
      Realize, with every thing you do, place you go, and person you spend time with, there’s a finite, unknowable number of just how many you get… of anything!  Do you treat your experiences and encounters with the reverence they deserve? Original moments crafted by the artist during a limited lifetime appearance?
      Instead of avoiding this realization, embrace it. Come to terms with the inevitable, and invite that awareness into your everyday experience. When you do, you may choose to open up your senses, slow down your perceptions, and contribute something of greater meaning and value.
      So, as I celebrate my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Independence Day for my country, let this be my gift to you. Claim your independence from fear and self deception.  Insist that every day you capture something beautiful, share something special, and live with passion and truth.
      At the conclusion of this ride, what will others remember about you? And how will your numbers, however many, contribute to the sum of humanity? Lean fully into life, and until next week stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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