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Desiring Discipline

Are your current disciplines in alignment with your aspirations? If not, what do you do about it? This week’s video will help you understand the “root” of discipline, turning it from a negative burden into a positive practice you actually enjoy!



When you think of discipline do you get energized or discouraged? From Myrtle Beach, let’s flip the script on how you view what you do.

The word “discipline” has negative connotations. Obedience and punishment. How fun! Yet discipline, properly understood and executed can be the most powerful, transformative aspect of your life.

Discipline comes from the Latin word, dicipulous, meaning “pupil.” This is also the source of the word, disciple – a person committed to embodying specific beliefs or studies. Disciplines are the practices that reveal your discipleship. How you use your time, money, energy, and words demonstrate what you deem worth following and learning.

The gap between what you say is important and what you actually do isn’t just a lack of discipline. It’s really a lack of commitment or a desire to incorporate everything.

Disciplines flow from clarity about what you believe and who you are or aspire to be. They’re acts of love and alignment. Gifts to yourself and to others. And discipline is never done; it just takes new forms. Even small disciplines matter immensely.

Examine your current actions and habits as you move through life. What do these disciplines reveal about your present discipleship? To what are you regularly pledging fidelity? What learning are you reinforcing again and again?

As a lifelong student, a pupil, you change your patterns and neural pathways by changing your disciplines. What will you do to express and refine the improving you? What will you now do less of or stop altogether because it’s preventing you from that to which you aspire, what you admire, and adore? Desire discipline, and put it into practice today. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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