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Finish Strong

With the end of the year in sight, will you coast to completion or finish strong? This two minute video will help you better enjoy the holidays AND get a jump start on 2020!




With a month to go before the end of the year how do you want to finish? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose
in Wilmington, Delaware.

How you finish something says a lot about you. Whether a task, a project, or even a year, your final intentional effort makes a huge difference. So with four weeks to go will you coast to completion, or will you finish strong?

It’s been a full year of high and low  moments. Tests and triumphs. Sadness and celebrations. And with the holidays right around the corner many people are already bringing a half effort, expecting not much will happen between now and January. But that’s an assumption based on a premise. And if you adopt it, it will be true for you. Or you can think of it this way. While most people are holding back, there’s a huge opportunity for you to finish strong and build momentum to begin the new year.

Here are three suggestions to end the year on your terms.

NUMBER ONE: Play to the buzzer.
Determine the date, and even the exact moment, that your holiday officially begins. While at work resolve to dig deep bring your full effort and creativity up to, and until that moment. Do this and you’ll enjoy enormous satisfaction during your downtime.

NUMBER TWO: Own the moments.
While preparing for the holidays, hanging lights, attending events and shopping, be cognizant that these aren’t obligations. But they’re purposeful moments to connect and reflect. Rise above the noise and frenzy. Own your actions and mental state.

NUMBER THREE: Pre-order resolutions.
Instead of waiting until the New Year to start, stop, or learn something, begin now.  Use this magical window to break your current pattern of action, get a jump on your personal goal and increase your chance of success.

Between right now and the end of the year, you still have enormous opportunity to accomplish and transform. So finish strong and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

  • Mike Rayburn says:

    Fantastic point! Especially after a particularly difficult year. Thanks, Dan!

  • Kevin Grace says:

    Hey Dan!
    I met you in Orlando over the summer it was aTAG event and bought your book! Amazing keep up the good work of helping leaders and everyone succeed!
    I love the video for year end focus!

  • Thanks for this weeks’ message Dan! I’m in the process of launching my blog. I retired in August of this past year and have been spending my time writing content and learning the process. Funny, that as I watch your video today, I had already determined that I was going to do a soft-launch of my blog before January 1. Thanks for your message which confirms that January 1 isn’t the only day in a year that we can resolve to do something new! I look forward each week to your video posts. As a matter of fact, I count on them! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.

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