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      Five Words

      If you honestly hear and answer this five word question, it can and will change the course of your life!  Put this short video into practice, and, as always, share with others who need it, too.



      What five words could change the course of your life? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in the studio.
      When I was eleven, I had an abundance of energy, which often got me in trouble. Then, one day, at a Renaissance Festival in Wisconsin, a juggler named Mike Vondruska asked me a simple question – just five words – that changed everything.
      “Do you want to learn?”
      Now this wasn’t my intention, but when I said “yes,” and meant it, this channeled my energy, gave me focus, changed the course of my life, and apart from the physical skills, taught me discipline, time management, performance and the pride of accomplishment.
      These five words: “do you want to learn”  are asked of us daily. And once fully considered and honestly answered will clarify your intention, that will enable your growth. And will liberate you from undesirable expectations. Because the answer may not be “yes.”  It may be a resounding “no – thank you.”  And that’s okay.   Because what’s asked of you may not be your journey but it might reveal what is worth your time, your physical and mental energy, and your purposeful struggle.
      Time will pass, and does so daily. And I don’t wish to advocate urgency, but at least honesty.
      Do you want to learn?
      Do you desire positive growth?
      Do you take responsibility for the process?
      Do you have clarity about what is and isn’t desired, congruent and necessary?
      Do you have true willingness to do what it takes?
      What is your chosen path? Learn SOMETHING, so that as time passes, and after it does, you’ll look back with no regrets and great satisfaction because when asked, “Do you want to learn” you said “Yes, I do.”
      Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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