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Fruits of Abundance

How can you give abundantly when you’re on a budget? This week’s video will help you give more of what is truly appreciated and long remembered.



It’s the season of giving, yet finances are tight.  How might you approach gift giving while so many are hurting, cutting back, and uncertain about the future? Let me share a fruitful approach.
During The Great Depression, one of the most desirable gifts given and received was … an orange. Beautifully wrapped, naturally sweetened, and, at the time, tricky to obtain. For some, this was the only Christmas present they received, deeply appreciated and remembered.
Giving isn’t about spending all you can afford and certainly not about taking on more debt. Gifts express an intention, understanding, and relevance to individual circumstances. Abundance isn’t always about luxury, but also the easy satisfaction of necessity, savoring the sweetness life has to offer, and easing the burdens of your friends and loved ones.
So this year, maybe keep your gift giving more simple and scaled back. Instead of thinking about someone’s greatest wish, consider their most urgent need. Give gifts that are useful and appreciated. Or, perhaps, create an experience to enjoy and remember.
Express how you feel about someone through personal letters or videos. Maybe your friend has been postponing a task or errand that you can handle for them. Plan a spontaneous outing or picnic lunch. Or, perhaps, make and give something small, yet especially meaningful.
Creativity often increases by constraint. So this year, use the constraint of frugality to ignite your creativity. You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot. You just need to care a lot and try a bit more, and you too can share fruits of abundance that leave long lasting memories. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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