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Get Better at Anything

Whatever you’re trying to achieve or become, here’s a strategy that will help you keep momentum and get there faster while shortening inevitable backslides: Work the challenge “inside out” and “outside in.”



Today we answer the question, “how do you get better at anything?” And really, “how do you get what you want?” This may be a reality check or an accelerant for your current momentum, either way, understand
To be most effective, you work the problem from two directions. Here’s you, in the center of your current ability or influence, and here’s where you aspire to be. To close this gap, you transform from the inside out or create opportunity from the outside in. I’m suggesting you intentionally do both, simultaneously.
Internally, you may need to change to feel worthy of growth or success. This may involve shifting some beliefs, or radically changing them. You’ll need to build discipline, strength, and awareness while developing foundational skills and knowledge. As you can see this all requires self awareness and honesty. But thankfully, you don’t have to be self sufficient.
From the outside in, you get to ask questions and reach out for help. As you grow, you’ll seek opportunities, make new commitments, and possibly even collaborate with someone more established to create something new. Obviously, when you reach out with the evidence of what you’ve done so far, you’re far more confident and credible.
Without the internal work, you’re really just pretending, you likely won’t get there, and even if you could, you can’t stay there. And you won’t be taken seriously by those who can most you the help. You’re really just hoping someone else will solve the problem for you.
And without external work, you’re limited to your own thinking, you lack accountability or the “pull” of commitment. Plus, you’re too easily off the hook and run the risk of all of this just being an imaginary exercise.
For example, if you wanted to dramatically change your current financial reality, from where you may be now to financial stability and success, you’ll need to internally develop financial discipline, including savings and managing expenses. To do some self education, and possibly change some beliefs about money – including the stereotypes of those who have it, the difficulty of earning it, or the feeling of deserving financial success.
And, along this journey, you’ll want to ask experts for their advice, invite accountability, and pursue higher learning and higher earning. Which leads to another example.
To move from your current job or career to your ultimate, purposeful life’s work, you’ll need to, first, have a job and approach it with excellence; to develop your communication, which is so important, as well as other totally valuable skills. Meanwhile, you’re establishing that track record or resume of your results.  That’s the “inside out.”
“Outside in” is you’re asking for introductions, opportunities, and you’re networking, possibly even finding a mentor – someone you admire who you can work for and learn from.
Ok. Last example. To move from your current state of health towards your optimum health you’ll need to, again, build that discipline, become self educated, and then address some limiting beliefs, habits, or established patterns, which is not easy. So, you’ll also need a strategy to manage the inevitable setbacks. Externally, you will, again, need to look for those experts and possibly get a coach for nutrition or fitness, and make a commitment to a future challenge or experience that will require you to be in top form.
So, apply this strategy now to whatever it is you’re aspiring to achieve or become. As you work the challenge from the inside out and the outside in, your progress meets in this ever-expanding circle of influence, with new opportunities all around you, and a trajectory of upward growth. Which is really all we can ask for. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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