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Getting Un-Stuck

Are you stuck?

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone from time to time.

There are many ways to feel “stuck.” You could be, for instance:

  • stuck in your ways
  • stuck in the mud
  • stuck in a rut
  • stuck in a routine
  • stuck in an unfulfilling job, relationship, commitment, or cycle of behavior

When you find yourself “stuck,” in some form or fashion, you realize you have lost momentum and you are in a less-then-ideal situation with little immediate hope for improvement.

The danger is getting used to the feeling of stuck-ness, looking around and enjoying the surroundings as we take full ownership of our condition. Being stuck can be kind of fun. After all, it is a great excuse to miss appointments! Being stuck in life can help us explain away other circumstances and justify why we are where we are. It’s not our fault, after all. It’s just that . . . well . . . we’re stuck!

Don’t become content with your surroundings. If you are stuck right now, it is up to you to change the situation. Get yourself un-stuck! Cease being satisfied with your undesirable state of “stuck” and insist on more for your life! Become discontent with the status “stuck” and initiate the path toward a new freedom and higher fulfillment.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but discontentment is the mother of reinvention.

Initially, it is imperative to come to terms with your situation, own your reality, and embrace the condition you face. But ultimately, if you are unsatisfied, it is up to you to reshape your reality, and alter your condition for the better.

Contentment, complacency and acceptance of a “stuck” situation may lead to:

  • Restricted awareness – You know what you know, and little else.
  • Limited options – What can be done about it, anyway?
  • Atrophy –Your abilities begin to weaken, and so does your passion.
  • Suffering of your spirit – You know you are off purpose and less than your best.

Getting Un-Stuck

Don’t wait around for AAA to show up and remedy your plight. It’s up to you to harness your discontentment and use that as a motivation force to change your situation. Break out of your inertia and start moving forward with purposeful strides.

Into Action

1.    Change something (even a small thing) about your routine.
2.    Say “yes” to an invitation or opportunity you would normally decline.
3.    Learn something new. Expand your awareness.
4.    Ask for a “push” from someone you respect and trust.
5.    Take a bold step you have been putting off (even though you know it must be done). Make the decision, put it in gear, and GO!

Being stuck can be a debilitating condition. But it isn’t a permanent one. Sooner or later, some force, event, or person will alter the status quo. But if you want the alteration to be in your favor and for your benefit, then it is up to you to take charge of change. Come to your own rescue. Dig in. Push! You might get a little messy, but the satisfaction of being un-stuck is far superior to the acceptance of a rutted life.

With encouragement always,


  • Janet Urban says:

    This was one of your shortest messages, but seems to have struck home with me more so than any of the others. How well I recognize my own symptoms and now I know I must rise above them and with your help I can and will!
    Thanks, Janet

  • Thanks for the “push!” I have been feeling very stuck the last few weeks. This quick message reminded me that I will not become “unstuck” waiting around to be rescued. I need to take action to get going again. It’s up to me.

  • Lisa Lewis says:

    Funny how you can always tune directly into the current “Vibe” and send out some fabulous advice to fix it.

    Your emails always put a smile on my face and give me that little push to help get back on a more successful track. Thanks Dan.

  • Helen Bower says:

    Hi Dan,
    I like the visuals in this letter. You always have a good message, and I find that if the message doesn’t seem pertinent at the moment, I need to remember the thought, as it is bound to be applicable soon. I enjoyed the feedbacks left so quickly after your newsletter came out. Love, Aunt Helen

  • Vicky says:

    I am not sure how or why I got this email. I can truly say it was a blessing in diguise. I plan to grow this year. I will continue to work to improve.

  • chris barnett says:

    So true, complacency can be like watching paint dry, you don’t see it happening, but once dry it “sticks” there pretty well.

  • Tak Kurtz says:

    Dan, Good one! It is safe to say that most people probably feel stuck, in some way. But what to do about it? YOu are right, about needing to first ‘wanting to get un-stuck’. But about running into walls, when they all seem to look the same?
    That too is being stuck, not in one place, but more like a maze…”where’s the Helecopter?” Thanks for the inspiration Dan.

  • Kathryn says:

    I have known for some time and have been avoiding confronting a personal issue. This has made me realize it is time!

    Thank you

  • maxie bolden says:

    I know that I am currently in a “stuck” situation. I am working hard to get my last two children through college. I can’t make a major change yet but I like the idea of making small changes that I can right now. I will ask my college buddies for advice and I will try to change my work routine so that I can enjoy life away from work.
    Thanks for the uplifting message.

  • Michelle R. Scott says:

    I have come to realize that on our journey, if we look closely, past the panic and desparation of what we think is failure and before we turn it inwards, we can see the signs pointing us in the scariest of directions; an unknown future. A gambit of options. As I have gotten older, I have learned to gamble less, to “color in the lines”. The trade off for security was my ability to consider other options. Safety first. But safety comes with its own set of shackles. Shackles that need to be broken.
    Your message comes to me at the fork in my road. What better time. I have only toyed with the idea of getting “unstuck”. My fear of change has left me accepting my fate, rather than listen to the voice of my spirit. I thank you for your words, strengthening my courage to hear the call of change. I have an Autistic grandchild that I have been called to reach. I spent 2 wks with her, and knew, we had made a forward connection. I see her. We communicate on a magnadoodle. No one else has been able to get her past saying “Mom”,dayee (daddy) yu you (love you). She is 10.
    in 2 weeks (while I was on vacation to winess the birth of my newest grandchild)We worked on “sissy” so when her sister came home, she would be able to identify verbally. Grasp the concept of the changes that where coming to her protected world of routine. Long story short, I live in Fl. They live in Ohio. the majority of my children live here close by. I have been in Fl 34 yrs, and have dug my roots deep. My heart knows that is time to go to where i am supposed to be. With my bugs. I sing to her over the phone from FL.. She looks for me. This is new. She doesn’t attatch easily. None of us expected the reaction. If you believe that along the way we are called to venture off the main path, and reach out to serve another, then you can see that the plan may not have included such a drastic move, but it is a worthy one of persuing.

  • Foluke Areola says:

    Dear Dan,

    God bless. Thanks. What a beautiful piece on getting unstuck. Just what I need to help a close member of the family going through a stuck up situation right now. I love to read your mails over and over because they come in quite useful. Who does not get stuckup at some time or another?. Thanks for the solutions proferred especially of getting a push from a trusted friend. I ‘ll remember that because I tend to keep things to myself which is not always the best.Thank you once again.

  • kathy says:

    Met you in Boston this year. Applied for Grad school after that presentation & am currently awaiting acceptance. You definately gave me the push then to get unstuck. Look forward to more of your emails to keep me on track.

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