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Help Me Help You

When does a movie quote become a guiding principle and a genuine request? From Minnesota, help me help you.



“Help me help you. Help me… help you.” The movie, Jerry McGuire, 1996. Tom Cruise, asking Cuba Gooding, Jr. to better understand and assist his agent. Probably the second most quoted line right behind, “Show me the money.” Or maybe third, behind, “You had me at hello.”

Help me help you is a useful approach in life and business. Make it easier for others to be successful. Assist their efforts to win. Straight out ask, “How can I help you get what you want?” Imagine the impact in sales, customer service, leadership, and personal relationships. When you demonstrate the combination of empathy and assistance, you gain buy in and trust of others, and ultimately, you both get more of what you want.

So here’s the ask, the genuine request. Help me help you. I want to be of service and have impact in your life. I’m at my best when aligned to helping others, and that’s my mission and commitment in my speeches, my books, and for over six years now, in these weekly coaching videos. And in that effort, I can always use your input.

So, help me help you. Please tell me in the comments or with an email, what questions do you need help answering?  Where are your best efforts falling short? What are you struggling to accomplish or understand? I can’t make promises, but I can certainly try to help you, which also helps me.

Express your empathy and willingness to help, and stay tuned for the positive results that may come your way. Thanks in advance for the questions and topics! And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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