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      Help the Hurt

      When you encounter people who are hurting, how will you respond? From Los Angeles, here are three ways to make a big difference.



      There is no shortage of “hurt” right now among those you know. Physical pain. Mental distress. Spiritual brokenness. In these conditions it’s easy to lose purpose, become afraid or apathetic, which perpetuates pain and problems.

      Or perhaps you’re the one who’s hurting, struggling, or feeling inadequate.  Know that even in weakness, you can become stronger once you actively embody certain intentions. Here are three ways to respond to hurt.

      1. Hope

      The gift of hope is always in fashion. Words create beliefs, which shape your perception of reality. And there’s always a choice. Discouragement or positive possibility? You can easily make a case for both. But when you suspend your fear and disbelief and choose to see and speak hope, you enable better options and outcomes.

      This is one of the reasons I’m not a fan of sarcasm. Used sparingly, it can be funny, but your subconscious doesn’t always get the joke.

      2. Heart

      Encourage literally means “to give heart.” You do this by helping someone realize their own strength, their best qualities, or the source and purpose for their life. Help them know they are valued and loved.

      3. Help 

      Empathy and positive words matter greatly. But helpful action is undeniable. Assist where you can in tangible ways that make a difference, and you’ll usually gain more than you give.

      Hurt is a signal something’s wrong, and an opportunity to realign, improve, and heal. It starts with hope, is fueled with heart, and aided by help you can ask for and extend. So help heal the hurt, and you will be Off Balance On Purpose.


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