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Here Now

If New Years’ goals or resolutions have fallen flat in the past, try a different strategy to make 2020 a defining year for your growth and success. In this two minute video, I’ll share my personal “theme” for 2020 and help you to capture yours.




As we crack open a new year, I don’t want to know your resolutions or goals. I want to know your words. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in Point Clear, Alabama.
If you know me, you know that I love words. Language doesn’t just help us clarify our thoughts or communicate. It also motivates our actions. And the power of your words can lift or limit every aspect of your life.
Some people choose a word of the year, such as Growth, Abundance, or Gratitude as a “theme” of intention and action.
And there’s no wrong answer. Those are all fantastic words! But I like to take it one step further and choose two words, as I believe it adds deeper meaning.
My words for 2020 are these: “Here Now.” What does that mean? Well, it’s me, so you know it means two things, at least.
First. I will be present wherever I am, realizing that every day this year will be the last just like it. I want to be “here” in the place that I occupy, with the people that I encounter because I want to maximize my moments for happiness, learning, and serving.
Secondly, I recognize that whatever I want in the world is already “Here, NOW!”   Want more  joy, success, opportunity, peace, love? Start by acknowledging that it already exists, right now, in this world. And then align yourself, in your thinking and actions to bring it into your present experience.  You’re not waiting on it. It’s here, waiting for you.
And,  also improving my active listening, there’s the third application of “Hear Now.” In other words, catch what’s said the first time.
If this theme for 2020 resonates with you, feel free to join me on the journey. Or share in the comments below your word for words for 2020. I’d love to hear them, and I know they will inspire someone else. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.
  • Andy Kosiarek says:

    Happy New Year, Dan! Thanks for your inspirational words, and the nudge to find our own words for 2020. My first cut at choosing words resulted in two that I feel go together nicely: Simplify and Authentic. This year, I’m going to FREE MYSELF to BE MYSELF! I’m getting busy simplifying my life by purging the things and habits and people and self-imposed limitations that weigh me down without bringing joy into my life — which I think will enable me to live a more congruent life. I’m giving myself permission to be my authentic self. And because you know me, you can imagine that’s a little bit scary because I’m not exactly sure which “me” will emerge from this exercise! But I’m willing to risk the social backlash that might result from living more authentically. After all, we only get one shot at living this life of ours; we might as well do it our way. Best wishes to you and all your family for an exceptional year to come.

  • George Walther says:

    We sing the exact same tune. Loved the double meaning of “here” in particular. Always great to see you helping others and setting an amazing standard. Happy New Year and thank you for our friendship.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Thank you, brother! You’re a master of maximizing the Here and Now, and I learn from you every time we hang out. Looking forward to more of that in 2020!

  • Helen says:

    My word is Habits. It may seem strange for me to be working on habits at the age of 80. I have a list that when they become a natural part of each day, will make me a better person and my life more productive.. Never to old to learn new habits.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      This is wonderful! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how “routine” ages us, and how changing our habits and patterns, at any age, keeps us younger. Thank you for sharing, Helen!

  • Michael DIeker says:

    1. SUPERFANTASTIC: I will choose to make every day the best possible it can be. I will remain positive, control my temper, verbal outbursts, and any negativity trying to creep in and remind myself it is all small stuff. I choose to see the good in everything and lift up myself and others to a SUPERFANTASTIC Day.
    2. APPREICATION: I am so Blessed to have a healthy life, lifestyle, loving family with an engaging and fulfilling vocation. I choose each moment of every day to show gratitude and appreciation for my God, His creation, and all whom I interact with.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      SUPERINSPIRING, Michael. You brought to mind my friend, the late, great Keith Harrell, who made “SUPERFANTSTIC” his trademark (and it is two words in one, really:). And we can all appreciate more of this amazing life, and our Creator.

  • Cathy says:

    Intentional. Forward. I want all of my efforts to be intended for good and positive things, wrought with purpose and goal-minded; a deliberate effort. I also want to be forward in thought, purpose, action and words- out of the box behavior that pushes me to be more and perhaps inspires others and “ moves the needle”. Being forward also means that I’m not looking back or dwelling on the past too often to impede my intentions.

  • Beth says:

    Happy New Year, Dan! Thank you for another year of outstanding content. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2020! For this year, my words are NURTURE SUCCESS. I intend to do this both personally and professionally for myself and others. No matter the role – analyst, leader, wife, aunt, mentor, neighbor, friend – I will nurture the success of people, relationships, projects with my talents and abilities. I will help create environments in which others (my husband, my niece, my co-workers) can thrive. I will contribute on teams and among groups. Whether it’s a simple neighborhood potluck or my university’s massive overhaul of our financial system, I will play my part to NURTURE SUCCESS.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      Fantastic, Beth! What a noble and compelling intention – multiplying your success through others. Reminds me that when you aren’t personally interested in the credit, and can take satisfaction in profound contribution, you truly are indispensable and admired!

  • Tanya Bakenhester says:

    I am going to use your words Here-Now. This first video of the year really resonated with me and my intentions and goals for 2020. I don’t ever plan to stop learning and improving myself. I realized how often I am thinking ahead to the next thing on my to do list and not fully enjoying the moment. Whether I am at work or spending time with family I want to “Hear “ what is being said and be present and enjoy that moment and the people around me. I have been sharing your videos with my District Manager and we are going to discuss and choose our own words for the year at a meeting on Monday. Hoping in the future to have you at one of our regional or national meetings.

    • Dan Thurmon says:

      This is wonderful, Tanya! Thank you for sharing the videos with your manager. Looking forward to continuing to help you and your team, and to an eventual live event … perhaps as part of your 2020 Vision! To be continued…

  • Renee Koehler says:

    Present and intentional are my words. I want to spend more time being present in the moment, especially ones that involve my family. My parents and children are getting older. I want to make sure we have many good memories to carry with us into the future. I don’t want to look back and see wasted moments when our time together is becoming a precious thing to be nurtured. And, I want to be intentional about the choices I make and recognize the opportunity costs of my decisions. I cannot be everything to everyone and still be true to myself. Taking into account the costs of my choices will, hopefully, help me to make decisions that better reflect who I am, who I want to be, and who my Creator wants me to be.

    Wishing you and your family the happiest of times this year! Thanks for keeping us Off Balance on Purpose!

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