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      Holiday Gratitude

      Yesterday, I took a break from Christmas to record this message – both sharing thanks, and encouraging one small action to make the rest of your holiday even more meaningful. Enjoy, and see you after the New Year.



      Hi. It’s Christmas Day. I’m at my sister’s house, and our family just enjoyed our Christmas meal, but I wanted to step outside just to say thank you. Thank you for the incredible opportunity to be in your life and to share, through this coaching video series, ideas, answers to your questions, strategies of how to live and work in a way that’s meaningful and productive, so that we can all grow together.

      This holiday season, however you celebrate, understand there are some who are extra lonely this year or experiencing the holiday for the first time without a loved one. Please reach out to those you know in that circumstance and let them know they’re on your mind. I promise you that one action will make an enormous difference.

      And then, look forward to continuing videos coming next week as I promise I’ll keep the great ideas and strategies coming your way. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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