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Once you fully understand and embrace the concept of “irreversibility,” you can cut through chaos and confusion to make more confident “next moves.” Take two minutes to shift your way of seeing, and share this video with someone who needs it now.



If you want to transform your life and future in amazing ways, there’s a crucial principle you must fully accept and embrace. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in La Canada, CA.
What is your heart’s deepest desire? Your mind’s imagined happiness? Your soul’s unique contribution, longing to exist in this world? And what’s stopping you from creating your success and significance? For so many it’s the inability to reconcile past decisions and events with what happens next.
In physics and chemistry the concept of irreversibility refers to reactions and processes that cannot be undone. For example, you can’t unmix paint or other liquids. You can’t uncrash a car. It can be repaired, but will always be different in some ways. Weakness in structure. Layers of paint. You get the drift.
In your life, this same principle reigns supreme. You cannot unchoose past decisions, unendure hardships, unspeak words, unharm loved ones. Undo what’s been done. The desperate fantasy that you can only produces resentment, self punishment, and sadness. It also prevents you from taking ownership of what happens next.
Life goes one way. Forward. The irreversibility principle doesn’t shackle you to the past. It liberates you from it once you understand everything that happened and is happening now serves you. Truly learn and apply the lessons. Change the patterns that you’ve created. Repair damaged relationships, understanding  they will always be different in some ways. Accept it. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.  Move forward.
When you fully embrace irreversibility, you’ll see options more clearly. You can release guilt and resentment and take responsibility, transforming your inner and outer world. You may also see opportunities and advantages created by what cannot be undone. Once you understand and accept that everything counts and serves you, your transformation takes traction and your life changes, irreversibly. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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